Podcasting is a way of delivering a series of episodic audio or video files direct to your listeners without them having to remember to come and get the next episode. Your listener can subscribe to your podcast and as each new episode becomes available, it is automatically downloaded to their device of choice.

We can help you initially set up your podcast feed (the mechanics by which your listeners subscribe) and also bring our mobile recording studio to you, to record each show. We offer post production editing (because you're going to make mistakes) insertion of music effects and ads to give you a professional and polished show every time.

We have a SERIOUS track record in podcast production, having been involved in some of the top shows around the world. We were also the first podcast professionals to lecture to students and staff at Cambridge University, England way back in 2005.

We've worked with artists like Howard Jones, Boy George, Sandie Shaw, Clea, The Young Punx and X Factor finalists Journey South.

We were the first to integrate podcasting into mainstream theatre and our podcast music promotions business, serves over 200 of the world's top podcasters.