We help you get the word out about your music. Many companies will tell you there are dozens of ways of doing this, and charge you accordingly.

We believe that seeing as the vast majority are only using a few services, these are the ones you need to concentrate on.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years you'll know all about Facebook. Probably the single most powerful tool at your disposal today (although that will change eventually) especially if your target audience is under 25 years of age.

140 character messages to all your fans all at the same time. If you get creative and combine your twitter feed with your myspace and Facebook pages, this is a VERY powerful tool. We'll show you how.

Poor old Myspace was once the darling of the internet. These days the numbers are diminishing. But still Myspace is THE best place for a musician looking to share their work to be. Mainly because of the music player that is very visible on each page and secondly because, unlike Facebook you can customise your page.

We offer a full page customisation and management service, so all you have to do is supply us with the information and we do everything else.

We offer a complete web design service, ranging from simple html sites (like this one) to full featured dynamic database driven, all singing all dancing mega sites. Our top of the range professional sites all include a custom admin back end that make updating as simple as typing a letter and allow you to incorporate pretty much anything you can think of.