Audio streaming is effectively your own radio station that broadcasts on the internet. We take the mix of your show direct from the main desk, add another couple of mics set up in the venue (to pick up the cheering crowds etc.) and mix them together. That signal is then processed by some specialist software and sent to our streaming media servers on the internet. The media servers then distribute the show to all your listeners.

There are 3 or 4 different formats you can do this in, but we prefer to use the Shoutcast system as it delivers your audio in a standard MP3 format that pretty much all of your listeners will be able to receive.

They can listen direct from any webpage you choose or via iTunes or Windows Media Player. There are even apps available for listening on Android and iPhones.

We broadcast at up to 128Kbps which is close to CD quality and can support up to 1000 listeners at any time.